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For some clients we perform periodic analysis of the demand figures to optimize the stock parameters into existing ERP systems. This ensures that safety stocks and order levels are maintained without complex implementation of a forecasting system. Depending on the situation (market stability and the distribution pattern) this happens every six months or annually.

Specific planning solutions

Quadriceps is unique in the combination of logistic thinking and in-depth IT knowledge. This ensures that we can develop applications quickly, and therefore beneficial, without months of slog on specifications and design. Our programmers speak the "logistic language" and understand more quickly what you want to achieve. Also, many standard parts already have been developed before, which saves lots of time and money.

Project Management ERP Implementation

An ERP implementation is a major project. It is not smart to be left to the supplier completely. Often we fulfill the temporary internal role for the implementation, to manage the implemantation"from the customer." Because in the past we often deployed from the supplier we know the pitfalls and interests of suppliers, and we can therefore better assist customers, from your interest.

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